Hi I am James

Web developer

based in Japan

I have 6 years of experience in web development. I am a responsible and competent web developer who can greatly contribute to the prosperity and development of your business. With an entrepreneurial mindset and passion for creating cohesive, engaging experiences. I am enjoy contributing to all aspects of product creation, while being closely embedded in a team, or positioned as a sole contributor. Aim to build class-leading applications utilizing development best practices in an innovative and creative environment.

Nowadays I'm working as Senior full stack developer on Freelancer and Upwork

You can contact me via e-mail

Tech Stack

Work Experience

Web developer @ Cyber Huntresses

2022-05 - 2022-06 · 2 months

Built a website for NFT mint Upgrade UI for multi-chain wallet connecting.

Web developer @100 Days Ventures

2022-03 - 2022-05 · 3 months

Built a website with React using Hook and MUI Integrated with Smart Contract using ether.js, web3.js and React.js.

Web developer @Solaris Tech Solutions

2017-05 - 2021-12 · 4 year and 8 months

B2B marketplatform- Request for quotation(RFQ) PROJEX Cost estimation website for building company customers IOS and Android app development

Web developer @TSM(Team SoloMid, eSports organization)

2016-07 - 2019-06 · 2 year and 12 months

I have developed specialized LoL Postmatch, Global Search and LoL champion pool I have add Valorant Guides/Headshot Gallery and developed CMS for managing Headshot Gallery I have designed database structure

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