Hi I am Eric Swanson


based in Crested Butte Colorado

I like to build cool things using computer programming and spend a lot of time outdoors enjoying nature

Nowadays I'm working as Developer on Social Brain Network

You can contact me via e-mail or linkedin

If this resonates with you, and you want to meet with me, grab some time on my calendar and we can chat.

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Full Stack Developer @Tiny Feet Toolkit

2020-09 - 2021-05 · 9 months

I worked together with a Master’s of Environmental Management student from Western Colorado University and a team of engineers from the Colorado School of Mines to develop a web application that aims to aid Colorado communities in the climate action planning process by aggregating public GHG data and displaying the most effective climate action planning recommendations. My role as a full-stack developer and technical consultant is to design and manage the database model and all parts of the of the web app as well as consulting with the Mines engineering students. Some of the tools I created for the app include a map tool using google maps api, various charts and graphs to visualize greenhouse gas data, and a web interface for providing CAP recommendations chosen by a filtering algorithm.

Full Stack Developer @Business Enterprise Institute

2021-05 - Present · 3 year and 1 months

As a member of a tightly-knit team of light-hearted, highly motivated and talented professionals, it is my goal to use my experience and passion for computer programming and web design to drive success for the company by providing tools for our associates to guide their clients in a positive, healthy transition out of their business.


Developer @Social Brain Network

2021-12 - 2022-03 · 4 months


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