Hi I am Aladdin Alsayed

Product designer

based in Madrid, Spain

I love to work on smart Products, Solutions, Systems, Websites, and Apps for Enterprises and consumers by applying design thinking and UCD approaches with the latest technologies such as Artificial intelligence, Machine learning, Deep learning, and more. Right now, I'm working on various digital products that help my clients to reach their business goals in different industries: Media, Banking, Chatbot, Virtual assistants, ERP, CRM, CMS, and more. Skills: Product Design (Digital and Physical), User Experience, User Interface, User-centered design, Conversational UX design, Branding, Design Sprint, Illustrations, and visual design.

You can contact me via e-mail or linkedin

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Work Experience

Sr. Product design specialist @Protecmedia

2021-08 - Present · 2 year and 9 months

• Define, research, and design new products that manage the digital/printed press worldwide. • Redesign existing products that are used and affected millions of users around the globe.

Product design consultant @INTDV

2021-06 - Present · 2 year and 11 months

• Work on AI products related to the Chatbots, Voicebots, and the robotics industries. • Guide and mentor the design team. • Critique and feedback on the new designs. •Maintain INTDV design system.

Product (UX/UI) design Teaml lead @INDTC

2019-08 - 2021-06 · 1 year and 11 months

Led the Product UX/UI team and I was responsible for the final design deliverables and the design process. Delivered Products: • Designed a B2B & B2C SAAS product that helps OTAs (Online travel agencies) to manage their processes (CRM, Flight Booking, Hotel booking, Trips Booking, Back-office portal). • Defined, researched, and designed a Chatbot builder Platform that is used by top enterprises in the middle east. • Defined, researched, and designed a Robot management system that manages robots' fleets remotely. • Designed an AI Product that fastens the rooms' mapping of the new hotels in a simple and smart process. Delivered Projects: • Worked on the CX/IxD/UX of the robots' fleet at Neom Airport, KSA. • Designed the CX/IxD/UX of the robots' fleet at Ajman Police licensing center, UAE • Designed the UX/UI of the robots' fleet at Princess Nourah University, KSA • Designed the UX/UI of the robots' fleet at Abdul Latif Jameel Transportation, KSA • Designed the UX/UI of the robots' fleet at Aramco, KSA • Designed the UX/UI of the robots' fleet at Ithra Museums & Institutions, KSA

Sr. Conversational UX designer and researcher @INTDV

2019-06 - 2021-06 · 2 year and 1 months

Delivered Products • Designed a SAAS product that helps users to find the best insurance policy by having a small conversation with the virtual assistant/chatbot. Delivered Projects • Designed and worked on the Chatbot/Voicebot of the mobile app of Al Habib Hospital, KSA • Maintained a special interface of STC, KSA • Worked on the Chatbot scenarios and conversations of Tawuniya insurance, KSA

Product UX design Team Lead @Baianat

2018-07 - 2019-03 · 9 months

Led the UX department to translate concepts into user flows, wireframes, mockups, and prototypes that led to intuitive user experiences, and made strategic design and user-experience decisions related to core, and new functions and features.

Sr. UX designer @Baianat

2016-06 - 2019-03 · 2 year and 10 months

Researched, designed, and prototyped many Consumer UX projects and Baianat’s Ventures. Translated abstract concepts and problems into simple, usable, and innovative designs expressed in sketches, and rapid prototypes for desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. Projects and industries I worked on: E-commerce, healthcare, economy, fitness & sport, education, food and drinks, hosting, ERP, CRM, SAAS, and more.

Sr. Instructional designer @Baianat

2016-07 - 2019-03 · 2 year and 9 months

Worked on educational books and articles related to UX/UI design industry and multiple

Sr. User Interface designer @Dubarah

2014-04 - 2016-06 · 2 year and 3 months

-Built multiple Design systems and guides. -Worked on Web and mobile layout design. -Delivered User interfaces for many clients and startups around the globe.


Product designer @Robot management system (RCMS) - Product (UX/UI) design

2020-06 - 2021-06 · 1 year and 1 months

Communico is a Robot content management system that enables users to control humanoid robots, their screen content, logic, interactions, and movements. This product serves multiple industries like Airlines, Banking, Airports, and more. Check case study: https://bootcamp.uxdesign.cc/robot-content-management-system-rcms-product-design-case-study-52cbfb17c946

Product designer @Neom Bay Airport, KSA - Robots fleet - CX/UX/UI design

2021-01 - 2021-09 · 9 months


Product designer @Princess Nourah University, KSA - Robots fleet - UX/UI design

2021-01 - 2021-09 · 9 months


Product designer @Aramco, KSA - Robots fleet - CX/UX/UI design

2021-06 - 2021-06 · 1 months



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