Hi I am Aituar

Front-end developer

based in Prague

I am 24. I am specialized in Frontend development. I also have a personal interest in Golang, NodeJS, Docker, CI/CD.

You can contact me via e-mail or linkedin

Social Accounts

Tech Stack

Work Experience

Vue.js developer @GPS Dozor s.r.o

2022-01 - Present · 2 year and 7 months

Vehicles tracking web app development with Vue 2/3, Pinia, Google Maps API, LESS

React.js developer @TESKALABS s.r.o

2020-01 - 2020-07 · 7 months

Software development with technologies like: ReactJS, Redux, REST API. And also development of the company's open-source projects.

UI/UX coder @VISUALIO s.r.o

2019-07 - 2019-11 · 5 months

Creating webpages with Wordpress and Nette framework.


Vue.js developer @Moonkey

2021-05 - 2021-09 · 5 months

De-Fi app development with Cosmos SDK (https://docs.cosmos.network)

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